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If you’re lucky and you know it, you might want to try some of the slots of Casino Frenzy
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Casino Frenzy is that game that takes all the most famous features of casino games and puts them all into one app, as you can play dozens of different slots with different themes, systems, bonuses, power ups and multiplayer options. Although slots are like its specialty, you can also enjoy other games like video poker and the prize machine.

Casino Frenzy is an above average game, since it gives you a lot of currency in-game making it easier to enjoy your coins for some time before having to go and find a way to get more coins. While some games are available from the beginning, there are some game modes that unlock when you level up. The variety of slots machines is pretty big, but we recommend finding the one that you like the most and stick to it, because if you try too many you’ll lose your money too fast.

If you get tired of the slots, you can easily go and try your luck with the live poker against other players. Although slots and poker are not related, you can use your power ups and bonuses on both games equally and if you play long enough, you might win different game modes for each game.

The power ups, bonuses and more are really useful, since they can help you get back on the horse if you’re running low on coins. Although they can be total life savers, power ups and bonuses can only be obtained with the prize machine and you get a limited number of pulls per day.

The best feature of Casino Frenzy is the frenzy mode, since every play you make during the frenzy mode is free and brings massive wins and it also brings other benefits when playing poker.

If you want to get the most out of this game, you better link it to your Facebook account, as this offers a lot of benefits such as an immediate cash reward, the possibility to challenge your friends and many more.

Many of us have never actually been to Las Vegas, but we assumed that is very similar to this game, as the music, the SFX, the bright lights and the elegant music makes the user feel like in a real life casino.

Is really easy to lose yourself when trying to find the perfect casino game, since there are too many options, but if you ran across Casino Frenzy, you hit the jackpot, as the game is really easy to enjoy and offers a lot of really good features with great graphics, great themes and a lot of events to keep you in touch with the community and never getting bored.