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If you truly want to live the most realistic experience on mobile casinos, go ahead and give POP! Slots a shot
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POP! Slots is the perfect combination of an RPG with a social casino app, as you can create and customize your avatar and move around 10 different virtual casinos. There’s a different theme in each casino, in which you’ll find up to 5 different machines with a wide variety of systems and decorations.

Although this is a casino game, you start by creating and customizing a character. When you’re done you’re taken to a casino, in which you get to choose where you want to play, since there are many machines for your avatar to try.

While your little friend is sitting on the virtual machine, you can interact with other players around you by sending emojis up in the air, if you want to. Since the starting cash amount is not as generous as in other games, you may want to don’t get too excited, if you want your money to last enough for a decent couple of hours.

Although the game offers 10 different casinos with different themes, music, outfits and games, you have to level up in order to be able to get to the next one. You’ll be rewarded with more and more coins as you level up, but the daily and hourly bonuses aren’t actually so big either, meaning all players are really in need of putting some real cash onto the game, if they want to play for a decent time.

When we talk about the social part of the game we have to say is crucial for the complete experience, as you can get bonuses by sitting next to someone who shares coins, experience points or some free spin rounds, also, if you link your Facebook account to the game, you’ll earn some big cash and the best opportunities to improve your game entirely.

We on this team believe that the graphics and animations are the best features of this game, since everything is so showy and bright. POP! Slots is simply a gift for the viewer, the playability is smooth and the music of the casino is not bad either, although some people think that after a couple of hours it might be just too much, but that’s entirely up to the individual judgement of each placers, since some of us get so immerse on the game that sometimes the music isn’t a problem at all.

POP! Slots is the perfect example of a really funny casino game, but remember to take things slow and be careful to not overspend your real money, since losing money that you cannot afford is not really the most bright idea. POP! Slots is meant to be a fun and healthy experience, so why don’t you go and give it a try?