The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots

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Enjoy this addicting slots game that’s based on the hugely popular series that has fans across the world. Play Now The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots large

The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots is a top notch slots game that, as you can tell by the name, has been inspired by The Walking Dead which, of course, is a post-apocalyptic series that has multitudes of fans around the world. Alongside being inspired by this popular series, The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots also brings a variety of creative new gameplay features to the table that add a lot of depth to the experience and make things more enjoyable.

When you start off in The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots, you’ll have access to a select few slot machines but, thankfully, this isn’t that big of an issue because new machines are really easy to unlock in the game due to the quick progression. While you might not have access to a large number of machines from the get-go, you’ll still be able to unlock more in mere minutes thanks to the quick progression.

In terms of gameplay, The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots has the same gameplay formula at its heart that has defined so many brilliant slots games over the years. The core gameplay is quite straightforward so all you have to do to enjoy the game is pick a slot machine that appeals to you, bet an amount of currency that you’re comfortable with and then hit the spin button. Once the machine is done spinning, you’ll be given a payout depending on what the machine landed on and how much you initially bet. Spinning the wheel over and over again can be a tedious process but, thankfully, there’s a helpful auto-spin function that’ll take care of this for you.

The thing that makes The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots truly worthwhile, though, is the fact that it has a variety of other exciting elements on top of the already exceptional core gameplay and these add a ton of depth to the overall gameplay experience. You can send walking dead characters on supply runs to collect in-game currency for you and there are daily bonuses that you can collect as well.

The visuals of The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots are quite stunning. The game is filled to the brim with many special effects and animations, the machines themselves are extremely well detailed, the color palette is vibrant and the spooky post-apocalyptic touch in the visuals is a nice change of pace from the traditional design of slots games.

The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots is free to download and play but it does allow players to purchase bonus in-game content with real world money through the various micro-transactions.

Overall, The Walking Dead: Free Casino Slots is a top tier slots game with much to offer and we highly recommend giving it a shot.